Quick Overview

Material: Acetylated wood fibreboard
Thickness: 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18mm
Sizes: 2440 x 1220mm (Always available)
3050 x 1220mm (15, 18mm only, MOQ  & lead time applies)
Colours: Natural, ready for paint
Application: Alfresco kitchens
Wet area cabinetry
Shower and toilet cubicles
Wet interiors – changing rooms, bathrooms
Brochure: Tricoya PDF

Proud Supplier of HOUSE RULES

House Rules on Channel Seven definitely saved the best till last, with Tricoya being the star of the show in the grand finale. Both finalists used Tricoya in outdoor applications, designing and building with a product made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Aaron and Daniella built a tool shed from 18mm Tricoya and finished it in a black satin exterior paint. Tricoya provided the freedom to design and build a fully customised tool shed onsite, that will withstand exterior conditions.


Kate and Harry used Tricoya for their “Cabana” (Pergola) wall. Tricoya provides piece of mind for cladding applications with it’s 50 year warranty, and was easily machined and cut onsite, using ordinary tools.


Design Flexibility

The flexibility of Tricoya offers endless design opportunities so that it can be cut to size, machined, painted, wrapped, etc. without impacting on its unique properties.

Moisture Content

Tricoya is supplied with a moisture content of between 3 – 5%. An indicative measurement of the moisture content should be made before installation. If a measurement shows a moisture content of 8% or more, this may indicate the presence of ‘freewater’ and the Tricoya should be allowed to dry before processing, glueing or coating.


Fungal Resistant
Effective barrier to fungal decay. Tested to durability Class 1 timber

Sustainably Sourced
Sustainably sourced FSC certified

Insect Barrier
Tricoya has been tested in Australia for termite performance is comparison to durability Class 1 timber

Low Maintenance Costs
Extended periods between exterior coatings maintenance

Non-toxic and Recyclable
May be safely reused and recycled and is safe to incinerate

50 Year Warranty
Peace of mind with a 25 year in-ground and 50 year above ground Tricoya warranty

Longer lasting, perfect for outdoor use or wet (interior) environments

Design Freedom
All the design, fixing and machining flexibility of medium density fibreboards

Enhanced Stability
Swelling and shrinking dramatically reduced

Perfect for Coating
Improved stability and durability enhances service life of the coating. Damaged coating or core will not affect durability

Working with Tricoya

Tricoya can be cut, coated, sanded, glued, machined and fastened the same as any other high performing wood fibreboard – allowing users all the freedom normally associated with MDF but in extreme applications.


The panel may be cut, machined and used in exactly the same way as other MDF’s. The Tricoya panel is delivered with a 150 grit sanded finish and can be sanded with fine sandpaper to achieve a smooth finish.


Conventional water-based paint coatings may be used to decorate the panel.


Always install Tricoya with stainless steel fasteners & fixtures with A2 or A4 (EN 10088-1) quality or AISI type 304 or 316 when possible.


Superior to all other boards

Tricoya alleviates all the problems and limitations associated with using compact laminate and other composite panels.

Unlimited colour options

Unlike compact laminate, Tricoya can be painted or coated in any colour, making colour matching or selecting the perfect colour a breeze.

Fixing strength

Tricoya ensures fixing strength is not compromised and built to last. Competitor products such as composite panels, including compact laminate, often have issues with holding a screw, leading to loose, or even doors falling off hinges.


Other applications

  • Alfresco kitchens
  • Wet area cabinetry
  • Shower and toilet cubicles
  • Façade cladding/siding
  • Fascia/soffit panels and other secondary exterior applications
  • Window and door components
  • Door skins
  • Wet interiors, including wall linings in swimming pools, bathrooms, changing rooms etc.
  • Speciality furniture including lockers, cubicles, chairs & tables
  • Play frames, tree houses and exterior composite furniture
  • Signage
  • Automotive parts
  • Sound barriers


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Gunnersen - Tricoya EDXF

Reports and Certificates

Australian Forest Research Company, Melbourne, tested the product’s resistance to the prescribed fungi and termites required for Australian durability classification.
Britsh Board of Agreement (BBA) assessment concludes that Tricoya is suitable for internal and external non-structural applications (BBA Assessment number M2/49109).
Fire Behaviour
Tests, according to ASTM E84 (surface burning characteristics), have shown that Tricoya performs in line with other solid wood species and MDF, and well within Class C.

Gunnersen Tricoya EDXF Thickness Sewlling
Gunnersen Tricoya EXDF Dimensional Stability
Gunnersen Tricoya EDXF Techical Specs

Reports and Certificates

Tricoya leads a new class of wood based panel products with Class 1 durability (EN 350-2) and exceptional dimensional stability, suitable for a wide range of exterior applications such as siding, façade paneling, trim, fascia’s, soffits, etc. Tricoya can be cut, machined and installed using techniques and equipment commonly used throughout the building industry and requires very low maintenance thereafter. The flexibility of Tricoya offers endless design opportunities so that it can be cut to size, machined, painted, wrapped etc. without impacting on its unique properties.

Tricoya has been independently tested by leading UK, European and Australian laboratories and has demonstrated superior dimensional stability and class 1durability, even in changing weather conditions, meaning it may now be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels cannot.

Gunnersen Tricoya EXDF Properties

Physical Properties

Range Test Method EN AS/NZS* Units Value
Density +/- 30 EN 323 AS/NZS 4266.4 kg/m3 720 (9,12mm)
700 (15,18mm)

Dimensional Stability

Thermal NPL NPL mm/m ̊C 0.0137
Per 10% RH Change NPL NPL mm/m 0.25
Thermal Conductivity EN12664 AS/NZS 4859.1 W/mK 0.095


Width 1mm/m EN 324-1 AS/NZS 4266.2 mm 1220
Length 1mm/m EN 324-1 AS/NZS 4266.2 mm 2440
Thickness 0.15 EN 324-1 AS/NZS 4266.2 mm 9,12,15,18

Mechanical Properties

E Modulus EN 310 AS/NZS 4266.2 N/mm2 ≥3000 (9mm)
AS/NZS 4266.2 N/mm2 ≥25 (12,15,18mm)
Bending Strength EN 310 AS/NZS 4266.2 N/mm2 ≥30 (9mm)
≥25 (12mm)
≥20 (15,18mm)
Tensile Strength EN 319 AS/NZS 4266.2 N/mm2 >0.8
E Modulus EN 319 AS/NZS 4266.2 N/mm2 ≥0.65


Free Formaldehyde Max EN 120 AS/NZS 4266.16 mg/100gh <1.0